Jordan: Osama Al-Ajarmeh arrested after being dismissed from Parliament من

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Jordanian Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya announced, on Wednesday, that the security services had arrested Osama Al-Ajarmeh, 10 days after the House of Representatives voted to dismiss him from Parliament, following statements described as “perverted statements” towards Jordan’s King. Abdullah II.

Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraih said that “based on the memorandum issued by the State Security Court’s prosecutor, the security services arrested today, Wednesday, the dismissed deputy Osama Al-Ajarmeh,” according to the official Jordan News Agency.

On June 6, members of the Jordanian parliament voted, in an extraordinary session, to approve a parliamentary memorandum calling for the dismissal of Al-Ajarmeh. Jordanian Parliament Speaker Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat said, “The unfortunate manifestations that our national arena witnessed over the past few days only increase our belief in the necessity of imposing the rule of law to preserve our unity and national gains, and to defend the security and stability of our country in all circumstances and conditions.”

He added: “I would like to condemn in the name of all of you, and strictly speaking, the perverted statements made towards His Majesty, and declare the council’s rejection and its firm stand in the face of any prejudice to the status and prestige of our beloved leader, and any prejudice to our social system, our tribal and family harmony, and our social peace, which forms the basis of security And the stability of our dear Jordan, the proud and authentic country.

Armed clashes took place, before and after the parliament’s vote, between Al-Ajarmeh supporters and the security forces, while the Jordanian government confirmed that it would deal firmly with the gatherings, which it described as “illegal,” stressing that organizing these gatherings and attacking public security personnel constitutes a “complete legal violation.” “.


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