Jorge Sestini, ex of Carol Bittencourt, announces that she is expecting a son with an architect – 04/13/2021 – Celebrities

Sao Paulo

Businessman Jorge Sestini, ex-husband of model Caroline Bittencourt, who died in 2019, is expecting her first child with architect Sharon Fliter.

The news was released by social networks and a revelation tea showed that the child is a boy. The architect is five months pregnant.

The fact takes place exactly two years after Bittencourt’s tragic death. At the time, the businessman was indicted by the São Paulo Civil Police for manslaughter (when there is no intention to kill) for the model’s death on April 28, in a boat accident in Ilhabela, on the coast of São Paulo.

According to the document signed by Chief Vanderlei de Almeida Filho, responsible for the investigations, the businessman took the risk of steering the vessel and even warned he went overboard with his wife. On that occasion, a storm hit the boat and caused the model to fall and sink.

Her body was found about 4 km from the accident site, near Cigarras Beach. Caroline and Sestini often took boat trips around Ilhabela, where the businessman owns a home. Caroline left a daughter, Isabelle Bittencourt, 18, also a model.


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