Julien Bayou and Cyrielle Chatelain appointed “co-presidents” of the environmental group in the Assembly

The co-presidency, which is not provided for by the statutes of the Palais Bourbon, is a tradition of ecologists, who apply it “de facto”.

Ecologists are back at the Bourbon Palace. The deputy for Paris, Julien Bayou, national secretary of the party, and the deputy for Isère Cyrielle Chatelain, were unanimously elected Thursday, June 23 at the “co-chairmanshipof the environmental group in the National Assembly, while Sandrine Rousseau will be a candidate for the vice-presidency of the Palais Bourbon.

This co-presidency, a tradition of ecologists, will be “factbecause it is not provided for by the statutes of the National Assembly, which EELV hopes to see modified. They will therefore exercise this function in turn. Concretely, the co-presidents will hold the press conferences and coordinate the group of 23 deputies.

Sandrine Rousseau candidate for the vice-presidency

This is the second time that the ecologists have had enough deputies (at least fifteen) to be able to form a parliamentary group, which allows them to benefit from dedicated offices and meeting rooms, financial and material means, and more speaking time. In 2012, the first environmental group was co-chaired by Barbara Pompili and François de Rugy, who decided to take turns in this role every six months.

The ecologists also elected as vice-president in charge of the Nupes intergroup the deputy Sophie Taillé-Polian, as vice-president in charge of external relations, Charles Fournier, and as vice-president, Sandra Regol. Sabrina Sebaihi and Eva Sas become spokespersons for the group, and the role of treasurer goes to the former macronist Aurélien Taché. EELV specifies that the group will present Sandrine Rousseau to the vice-presidency of the Assembly, and Hubert Julien-Laferrière to the secretariat.

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