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A major influencer in the current social media scenario, “BBB 21” champion Juliette Freire immersed herself in the suicide prevention campaign, theme of the month: “Today, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day. Tough word to speak, right?!”, said the lawyer. “But this matter is necessary and urgent, especially given the toxicity of the internet”, he warns.


With the end of recording of the new Netflix series, “Maldives”, still without a release date, Sheron Menezzes, 37, prepares for his new character in “Carga Máxima”, the first original action film of streaming shot in Brazil.

On her social networks, the actress showed the script and shared video of the rehearsals, alongside Thiago Martins, Milhem Cortaz and Raphael Logam. The plot traces the course of a Formula Truck driver who accepts to transport goods and ends up being chased by the police. Because of the feature, Bonito has been on the airlift to work in São Paulo


“I dreamed that people became Walking Deads and killed other people and dogs, like the ones on Twitter, 3D version. I ran the whole dream with my dogs… and trying to save others”

Marcelo Medici no Twitter


Elaine Soares, 54, is the wife of the vocalist of Roupa Nova, Paulinho, this Friday (10) that she is not pregnant with the singer, who died in December 2020, but that she intends to use the musician’s frozen gametes to try to get pregnant soon. She still must undergo a series of exams to start the process.


Patricia Poeta wrote on her Instagram profile a long outburst about the emergency surgery on her tonsils, performed earlier this week. The presenter said that she ran the risk of death with the procedure and that her face was disfigured. “Dear ones, after the scare, I follow the way home to finish recovering there”, she wrote on her Instagram this Friday (10).


The recording of the comedy “Me Time” (“Tempo pra Mim”) has already started. Kevin Hart posted a photo on his social networks alongside Mark Wahlberg. “’Me Time’… Finally getting to work,” he celebrated. In the Netflix movie, which has no release date, Hart is a father who works at home and decides to spend the weekend with his friend.


Rihanna announced on her social networks that she will host the party that takes place after the MET Gala 2021 ceremony, on Tuesday (13). Known for her stunning dresses during her participation in the event, the singer has hosted the 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 parties. The annual fashion event focuses on fundraising for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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