Justice says YouTube did well when censoring pro-ivermectin video – 06/11/2021 – Rogério Gentile

The São Paulo Court ruled that YouTube acted well by censoring the channel of a pocket-spirited politician who published a video defending the use of ivermectin for Covid’s treatment.

“Acts correctly [o YouTube] by preventing the account of someone issuing their personal opinion of medical content, inducing people to use medication without any efficacy against Covid-19”, said judge Luiz Guilherme Feichtenberger. “The attitude is subject to censorship.”

The decision was taken in a process opened by Roberto Alcântara (PSC), a pocket merchant who disputed and lost the election for councilor in Santo André in 2020.

In the action, Alcântara, who got only 110 votes in the election, wanted Google, owner of YouTube, to be forced to re-establish the channel, releasing all published videos. It also demanded an indemnity of R$ 15 thousand for pain and suffering.

The judge did not respond to the requests and said that Google Brazil would have acted illegally if it had kept the channel, “accounting for the fake news propagated” by the merchant.

“He doesn’t have any knowledge or study of medicine to give his ‘personal’ opinion on such matters. If he intends to prescribe medication, he must enter a medical school and complete a regular course”, said the magistrate.

The merchant can still appeal the decision.

Google told the court that Alcântara violated YouTube guidelines by airing videos that contribute to the dissemination of untrue or scientifically unproven information in the midst of the pandemic.

It also stated that the suspension was temporary and not a permanent cancellation. According to the company, only the video “Ivermectin Truths That Traditional Media and Labs Don’t Want You to Know” was removed.

The channel, in fact, has already been re-established, as verified by the column.

In one of the videos on display, Roberto Alcântara states that “the military intervention is ready to be carried out, but that the people must go out into the streets”

“The Army will do [o golpe] if it is requested by the population, as it was in 64”, he stated in the video.

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