Kassio Nunes will soon have company in the STF to do damage – 07/04/2021 – Bruno Boghossian

When looking for a name to lead Ancine, even in the first year of government, Jair Bolsonaro did not hide the desired profile. The president said that the head of the agency should carry the Bible under his arm, be able to recite 200 verses and have his knees hurt from praying.

One can imagine why his government would demand this very peculiar experience from candidates to manage a cinema incentive agency. The occupation of spaces of power by people with an ideological curriculum aligned with Bolsonarism has always been an obsession of the president.

Bolsonaro turned the confusion between conservative values ​​and government actions into a project. The objective is to forcibly implant a culture of the ultra-right in this structure.

The consequence is the widespread ruin of the public machinery. The human resources scholarship department adopted exotic beliefs such as anti-globalism, the chloroquine cult, anti-communism and armamentism as items of their job interviews. We just needed to look for someone who respected the laws and knew what he was doing.

This political invasion helps Bolsonaro to keep his electoral base cohesive. The more he rages in favor of weapons or uses religious arguments to attack opponents, the stronger his bond with the segments linked to those values ​​becomes.

The collective damage appears in cases such as the useless discussion in the Supreme Court about the closing of churches in the pandemic. Minister Kassio Nunes Marques ignored the national slaughter and the risk of transmission of the virus and said that that measure was disproportionate.

Candidate for the court in the vacancy reserved for a minister “terribly evangelical”, Augusto Aras affirmed that “the State is secular, but the people are not”. Its main competitor, André Mendonça, quoted Bible verses and said that Christians “are always willing to die to guarantee freedom of religion”.

Alone, Kassio already produces damage, but soon he should gain company.

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