Kidnapping of a girl from Jabal Mohsen … and the ransom is $ 10,000 for her release

The young woman, “Al-Left Khader Mama,” went missing after leaving her home in Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli 4 days ago, and it became clear this evening that she was kidnapped.

A letter was sent from the kidnappers to the girl’s family explaining that they were asking for a ransom of $ 10,000 to return her safely to her family. They also allowed her to send an audio and photo message to confirm why she was okay, while the amount was reduced to $ 8,000, which should be delivered in the western Bekaa.

The internal security forces began their investigations into the matter, to reach the kidnappers.

A security source explained that “the girl went missing on 4/5/2021 while her father claimed to the concerned faction on 4/6/2021 that his daughter left her home leaving a message saying:“ Forgive me, with your love .. ”

Consequently, these data indicate, in principle, that the girl left voluntarily at first, while investigations continue to find out the truth of the matter.

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