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Kiev protested to Moscow in connection with the attack on the guard of the General Consulate of Ukraine in St. Petersburg.

“The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested against the attempted murder of an employee of the Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg,” Oleg Nikolenko, a representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, wrote on his Twitter page on Tuesday, February 23.

He added that the department “requires a comprehensive investigation and punishment of those responsible, ensuring the protection of diplomatic institutions.”

Nikolenko believes that the Russian side did not take proper action during the incident.

The attack on the guard of the Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg, who is an employee of the State Border Service of the country, took place on 19 February. The attacker hit the guard several times with a knife, after which he walked away, throwing the brought papers into the air.

An ambulance was called for the victim, and before her arrival, another serviceman of the border service provided the wounded with first aid. The wounded was taken to the Mariinsky hospital, the injury was minor.

It was previously established that a certain man had been made an appointment with the institution. After the guard opened the door for him, he attacked him with a knife.

The Consulate General clarified that the 34-year-old attacker was a Russian. He was rendered harmless.

A source in power structures told RIA Novosti that the attacker was taken to a psychiatric clinic, where he was diagnosed with an acute mental disorder.

On February 21, the Smolninsky district court of the city took into custody a Russian citizen Nazar Smolensky, who had attacked an employee of the diplomatic mission. Previously, the citizen was convicted of robbery and sentenced to eight years in prison.

“The Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg issued a resolution on the selection of a preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to Nazar Smolensky, accused of committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Hooliganism”). The deadline for the measure is April 18, ”the press service noted.

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