Kochian, who shot the bailiffs in Sochi, reached the Supreme Court

Details of the dispute leading up to the murder revealed

Investigators of the Investigative Committee are actively interrogating a 61-year-old resident of the Adler district of Sochi, Vartan Kochian, who today shot two bailiffs during operational activities. The details of the dramatic events leading up to the murder have become known to us.

Vartan Kochian acted as a defendant in two civil cases, which were considered in the Adler court. Both disputes concerned the Grange garage cooperative. By the decision of the city administration, the territory of the GSK was divided into two parts. The garages themselves remained on one half, the sheds where the tenants kept their inventory on the other. Subsequently, it was decided to “clean up” both sides of the buildings that were not documented, and the residents were against it. Thus, there were two civil cases. For both, Kochian was a defendant.

In 2019, the Adler court ruled to demolish Vartan’s garage. The man appealed and a forensic examination was ordered in the process. The case dragged on for a year and passed to the cassation instance. And later it came to the Supreme Court. At the moment, there is a case in the Adler court on the application of Kochian himself – a claim for recognizing the unauthorized construction as legal. A court hearing was scheduled for June 15, but tragedy struck on June 9.

About a month ago, according to Kochian’s lawyer, Vartan called him. He and his neighbors said that bailiffs posted upcoming demolition announcements in garages. The defense lawyer wrote a statement to the bailiff service with a request to suspend the enforcement proceedings, since the case is in court. However, the demolition of the buildings was still scheduled for June 8th. To preempt him, on Tuesday morning the lawyer went to the prosecutor’s office, where he talked with the assistant prosecutor and wrote a corresponding statement with a request to take measures of the prosecutor’s response. In total, there were four local residents with the defender – all opponents of the demolition. By the way, more than 20 people defend their buildings in total.

A visit from a lawyer did not help. On June 8, in the morning, Vartan called his lawyer and said that the bailiffs had arrived. Kochian even handed the phone over to the lawyer, who explained the situation, but the FSSP officer said: “I heard you, but I can’t help you.” The bailiff also said that his boss should arrive at the site of the demolition soon. And so it happened – about 10 minutes later Kochian phoned the lawyer again and asked to speak with the head of the bailiffs group. But he refused to talk to his representative. Shooting began immediately after that.

According to the defender, he knows Kochian only from the positive side, as a calm person. Even at the moments of negotiations with the bailiffs on the fateful day before the tragedy itself, Vartan spoke measuredly and monotonously, without any signs of aggression. According to the lawyer, Kochian could have broken down after the bailiffs approached his garage and he perceived the threat of the demolition of the building as real. He, according to him, considered this land his own. As Vartan himself told his life story, he grew up here, buried his parents.

As soon as the emergency happened, Kochian’s lawyer left Sochi to defend him. However, due to the fact that the defense lawyer himself became (albeit remotely) a participant in the negotiations, he received the status of a witness in the case and would not be able to perform professional duties.

There was a video of a resident of Sochi who shot two bailiffs

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28556 dated June 10, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Two lives for a garage


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