Kostroma accidents: two Renault Symbols did not part at the corner of Galichskaya and Zelenaya streets

The Kostroma State Traffic Safety Inspectorate reports an accident that occurred on Wednesday 12 January at the intersection of Zelenaya and Galichskaya streets. At this intersection, at about a quarter to ten in the morning, two cars of the same brand – Renault Symbol, which differed only in color, collided, one was green, the other gray.

The green Renault Symbol was driven by a 45-year-old driver who, when making a U-turn (at a permitting traffic signal!), Nevertheless was not convinced of the safety of his maneuver – and as a result collided with a gray Renault Symbol, which was driven by 34 -year-old chauffeur.

Fortunately, the collision took place without serious injuries – the drivers of both Renaults were saved by airbags, and only a passenger of one of the Renaults got bruises – but he did not need hospitalization either, and outpatient treatment was prescribed.

Traffic police officers are checking the circumstances of the accident.


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