Kostroma Governor Sergei Sitnikov asked the prosecutor’s office to look after TGK-2

At a weekly meeting in the regional administration, the governor of the Kostroma region, Sergei Sitnikov, again harshly criticized the work of the TGK-2 company. The head of the region noted that the number of complaints about the lack of hot water from residents of the city has more than doubled over the past week.

This is due to the fact that repairmen of TGK-2 often disrupt the deadlines for carrying out repair work, which they themselves have planned, and deceive citizens by not connecting houses to hot water supply on the announced days.

At the same time, the governor reproached the representatives of the city administration of Kostroma for the fact that the city authorities are not taking sufficient measures to force TGK-2 to comply with the schedule for supplying hot water to the houses of Kostroma residents. Therefore, Sergei Sitnikov asked to draw the attention of not only the Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex, Housing and Utilities, but also the prosecutor’s office to the problems of communal services: “Department of Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing and Communal Services – take tight control of this situation in order to stop this mess. There are periods for which hot water is turned off. These deadlines are not met, deception begins. Make sure people are not misled. And so that the deadlines for the repair work are kept. THC is bad with this! “– said the governor.


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