KPSO will not be built in Dubna

Local residents say that “the government hears the people”

A good gift for the regional holiday, the Day of Science Cities, was presented by the Moscow Region authorities to the residents of Dubna. On June 9, it was completely and finally decided that there would be no construction waste processing complex (KPSO) on the territory of this science city.

The decision to create such a facility in Dubna was made last year. However, it immediately caused quite a violent reaction among the local residents. The fact is that the site for construction was planned within the city district, in close proximity to social facilities and the world-famous Institute of Nuclear Research. In addition, with the introduction of the KPSO into operation, the noticeably increased traffic flow of trucks could not only complicate the situation on the roads, but also increase the general noise level in the city, which is buried in greenery and in which the most famous mathematicians, physicists and lyricists in the country live.

In general, the residents of Dubna turned to the deputies of the Moscow Regional Duma for help, and appropriate consultations and expert examinations were carried out. And already the final decision to cancel the construction of the KPSS was made at the level of the regional government.

It is not surprising that at the meeting of the committee on ecology and nature management of the MOU, the participants (regional deputies, employees of the regional Ministry of Ecology and representatives of the municipality) thanked the authorities for this decision.

Enterprises with high added value are being created in Dubna, this is the intellectual center of the country, it is jokingly called the city of “tadpoles” moving forward the national science. Interesting facts were presented. If in the past difficult coronavirus year, some municipalities near Moscow “sagged”, then the science city in the north of the region, on the contrary, showed economic growth.

“Leading scientists are coming to us not only from all over Russia, but also from all over the world,” said the chairman of the Dubna Council of Deputies. – And first of all they ask: what is your environment, ecological situation? The decision of the authorities in our city once again proves that the authorities hear the people and take into account their opinion …

Nevertheless, it was noted at the meeting of the committee that one way or another such a complex for working with construction waste should be built. The “replacement” for Dubna has not yet been found. An existing construction waste processing facility with a capacity of 35 thousand tons per year will remain in the city. As we have already said, it will not expand and enlarge.

The task of regional and local authorities is to look for a new site, because the Moscow region is actively building residential buildings and social facilities. And additional waste (millions of cubic meters per year!) Is brought to our region, including Moscow. In addition, from this month, new, stricter rules for the control over the transportation and reception of this kind of waste come into force.

To date, 40 sites have been created in the Moscow region, which, on a licensed basis, competently, “according to science” work with such waste.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28557 of June 11, 2021

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KPSO will not be built in Dubna


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