Kudrin believes that targeted support is more effective than the minimum guaranteed income

Targeted social support is more effective for citizens and more economical for the budget than the so-called minimum guaranteed income, said Alexei Kudrin, head of the RF Audit Chamber.

“As for the minimum guaranteed income, then we need to understand what exactly we mean. That is, every citizen in the country from birth has a guarantee that he will not have below a certain level of income. And how will this be implemented? only to those in need to give? Or to everyone, as was supposed in Switzerland? And it will be rich and poor, wealthy and average, we will not divide into categories, everyone will receive such income? If the minimum income is not targeted, but to everyone – both rich and the poor, I do not consider it fair and necessary. Social targeted assistance is more important now, it is more effective and economical, “Kudrin said in an interview with TASS at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Most of the social support in Russia should be targeted, Kudrin said.

“There are individual measures to combat poverty, and there are large command forms of support for the social well-being of the population. Therefore, when we talk about the fight against poverty, it’s like we are talking about the fact that we must find new large sums, which is correct. Partly we are have already done. But we must also gradually restructure the assistance that is already being carried out in our country, making it more targeted. This is more difficult, “he added.

In his opinion, halving poverty in three to four years is a feasible task “with reasonable absolutely available funds for the government.” “Let’s hope that the government will present such proposals,” Kudrin said.


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