Kyrgyzstan received 115 thousand doses of Moderna vaccine donated by France

Today, November 25, Kyrgyzstan received 115,200 doses of Moderna vaccines (mRNA-1273) through the COVAX initiative, which includes 172 countries around the world.

The vaccines were donated by the French government, Trend reports referring to Kabar.

The event on the transfer of vaccines was attended by the Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan Alymkadyr Beishenaliev, Deputy Minister Uluk Bek Bekturganov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Edil Baisalov, UN Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan Ozonnia Ozhielo, Ambassador of France to Kyrgyzstan Francois Delauss, WHO Representative in Kyrgyzstan Artykova Nazira, Head UNICEF Kyrgyzstan-Christine Zholme.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyrgyzstan, like all countries in the world, is faced with a large-scale health crisis. Today, we have received a batch of vaccines from the Moderna company through the COVAX initiative. We all need to realize that vaccination is one of the most effective ways to fight COVID-19 and get vaccinated. I am confident that by joint efforts we will be able to resist the coronavirus pandemic. I would like to express my gratitude to the Government of France and all our development partners who are providing us with all possible assistance in the fight against COVID-19, ”Beishenaliev said.

As French Ambassador François Delauss noted, out of a sense of solidarity and with the aim of contributing to accelerating vaccinations around the world, the French Government has made it a priority to share COVID-19 vaccines.

“France took an active part in the implementation of the strategy and expressed its commitment to donate 120 million doses of vaccines by the end of June 2022; 67 million of which have already been shipped. France is the third largest dose donor among the G7 countries, after the United States of America and Japan. Most of France’s donations go through a multilateral channel embodied in the COVAX mechanism, which brings together several key partners such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and UNICEF to ensure an efficient and equitable global distribution, approved by WHO. In this context, the French Republic was pleased to respond to an official request from the Kyrgyz leadership and to provide its friend and partner, the Kyrgyz Republic, free of charge, 115,200 doses of the Moderna vaccine, ”he said.

“I want to thank each and every healthcare professional who not only fights the virus on the front lines, but also continues to play a key role in helping to resist the COVID-19 infodemic, continually sharing facts about vaccinations and encouraging people to get vaccinated. Our goal was to vaccinate at least 10% of the population of each country by September 2021. Kyrgyzstan has achieved this goal. Our next goal is to vaccinate 40% by the end of the year. Achieving this result will help bring us closer to collective immunity, ”said Ozonnia Ozhielo, UN Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan.

This vaccine will be vaccinated on all comers upon reaching the age of 18. The interval between 1st and 2nd doses should be 28 days.

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