Kyrie Irving avoids talking about covid vaccination at press conference

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving participated via videoconference in the press meeting to introduce his team to the new NBA season, due to New York City protocols against the covid-19 pandemic, according to Northern Press -American.

Irving, one of the three standouts of the Nets, participated in the so-called ‘Media Day’ through a video broadcast in which he refused to confirm whether he had received the coronavirus vaccine and avoided commenting on this issue, requesting respect for the your privacy.

Just before, the news site The Athletic had informed that Irving would not participate in the press conference for not complying with protocols against the New York City pandemic, which raised doubts about the player’s future, whether he will be able to compete in his matches at the team’s home in this season that begins in 19 of October.

“Obviously, I can’t be there today, but that doesn’t mean I set limits on myself in the future to be able to join the team,” Irving said in the videoconference.

The 29-year-old shipowner declined to answer questions about his stance on the coronavirus vaccine and its future availability to the Nets at home games.

“I would like to keep these things private and handle them the right way with my team and move forward with a plan together,” he said.

“Everything will be known in due course, as soon as we have this clear. From now on, please respect my privacy,” he concluded.

Last week, Rolling Stone magazine ran an article on the NBA vaccination status and estimated, according to unnamed basketball league sources, that between 50 and 60 players received no shots.

The article also highlighted that Irving, who is one of the vice presidents of the NBA Players Association, “liked” Instagram posts that promote satanic conspiracies about applying vaccines to the black population to control them via a large computer .

In addition to New York, the City of San Francisco (California) also requires professional athletes to present proof of vaccination to compete on indoor courts.

Canadian Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors demanded a religious exemption to play at the California City team’s home without being vaccinated, but the NBA denied the request.

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