Larcher open to a right-wing candidate who is not from the Republicans

The president of the Senate was questioned on BFM TV on the lack of label of potential candidates like Valérie Pécresse or Xavier Bertrand.

President The Republicans of the Senate Gérard Larcher declared on Sunday that he did not see “no problemTo a right-wing candidate who is not from his party like Valérie Pécresse or Xavier Bertrand, reaffirming not to be in the ranks.

Asked about BFMTV about the lack of labels of these two outgoing region presidents, potential candidates for the nomination of the Republicans for 2022, Gérard Larcher replied: “It really does not pose any problem, I want to bring together the families of the right and the center, I dialogue with everyone”. “I chair the support committee for Valérie Pécresse for the regional election in Île-de-France, which is to tell you that I judge the policy she leads of very high quality. But there are other candidates, the president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand, Bruno Retailleau … “, he listed.

No candidacy for the presidential election

Gérard Larcher re-explained the appointment procedure chosen by LR: “Either there is a natural candidate, after the regional and departmental ones, or we set up what I have called the tie-breaker. I’m working on it, we’ll see in June ”.

Asked about his possible candidacy, he decided: “Not at all, I am not a candidate for the presidential election, my only wish is to be able to open an alternative to the only duel between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron”. Gérard Larcher also welcomed the return to France of Michel Barnier, who has just negotiated Brexit for the European Commission: “He is reintegrating our political family, it’s very important, he has been tremendously successful on Brexit”.

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