last day to complete your tax return online

Taxpayers in zone 3 (departments from 55 to 976) have until Tuesday, June 8 at 11:59 p.m. to declare their income online.

Last day to declare income in certain departments. Taxpayers in zone 3 (departments from 55 to 976), declaring their income online, have until Tuesday, June 8 at 11:59 p.m. to validate it.

The paper declaration had to be filed by May 20. Departments numbered from 1 to 19, as well as non-resident taxpayers had until May 26, and departments from 20 to 54, until 1is June.

Automated for nearly 10 million tax households

Almost a year after the implementation of the withholding tax, the income tax declaration has been automated for nearly 10 million tax households. For these taxpayers, no declaration to complete: the tax authorities are based on information already known. If all the information provided by the tax authorities is correct and complete, the tax return is automatically validated.

In 2020, it was necessary not to have reported to the tax authorities the slightest change of address or family situation in 2019 to benefit from the automatic declaration. This is no longer the case this year. The automatic declaration is now accessible to people who declared in 2020 a birth, an adoption, alimony, or the collection of a minor child.

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What to do in case of errors?

If you realize after the fact that you made a mistake on your tax return, you can change it at any time if it was made online. The tax services advise making this change before the filing deadline. After this period, you will have to make a corrective declaration.

Since 2019, the online declaration is compulsory for all taxpayers, as long as their accommodation is equipped with Internet access and they are able to complete it. And since 2020, it has become impossible to receive a paper pre-filled declaration if you have already declared online in the previous year. Bercy’s objective is therefore to generalize online reporting as much as possible.


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