Lawyer is handcuffed and gets punched by a PM after defending flannel in Goiânia; see video – 07/22/2021 – Daily life

A lawyer, already handcuffed on the ground, was dragged and punched by a military police officer this Wednesday morning (21) in Goiânia.

The attacks began after the professional tried to intervene during a police approach to a car guard who was, according to the Military Police of Goiânia, extorting money from drivers who were trying to park on a public road.

Videos that went viral on social networks show the moment when the lawyer Orcelio Ferreira Silveiro Júnior, 32, is attacked several times while other police officers hold him on the asphalt.

The man reported that he suffered new attacks when he arrived at the Central de Flagrantes of the Civil Police of Goiás, where he was taken after the occurrence.

“I was even attacked during screening and I’m going to do a new criminal body exam,” he reported in a video.

In one of the videos, it is possible to see the lawyer being dragged and washing a slap on his face. In another excerpt, the image shows the policeman squeezing the lawyer’s neck with his legs.

In an interview with the G1 portal, Orcelio Ferreira Silveiro, the victim’s father, reported that his son fainted three times.

“I feel like a dead man, because a father who sees a child being beaten and can’t do anything. A 62-year-old man who takes prescription medication. I had three bypass grafts three years ago,” he said.

After the episode, the governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado (DEM), declared that the police went beyond the limit.

The Military Police command ordered the immediate removal from operational activities of the police officer involved in the approach. A disciplinary administrative procedure was also instituted to investigate the conduct of all those involved.

“The Public Security Department of Goiás ensures that isolated actions, which do not comply with the guidelines of the corporations and institutions that make up this folder, are rigorously investigated with the appropriate punishments applied”, says an official government note.

According to the version presented by the PM, the lawyer was restrained because he would have invaded “the security perimeter” during a police approach to the flanelinha.

Police report that he refused to leave the scene and would not have identified himself.

Regarding the report of a new aggression after being taken to the police station, the Civil Police informed, through a note, that it became aware of the facts alleged by the lawyer and that it is taking the appropriate measures to clarify the facts.

The OAB-GO (Order of Lawyers of Brazil of Goiás) repudiated the police conduct in a note.

“The truculence and unpreparedness shown by the police in the videos are basically shocking due to the clear abuse in the behavior of the police, who acted in an excessive manner, using force beyond what was necessary for the case, in complete breach of the constitutional guarantees”, he attested.

The entity will make an act of public redress in repudiation of the aggressions suffered by the lawyer.


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