Leader of governors says Bolsonaro’s anti-mask proposal is like throwing kerosene on fire – 06/10/2021 – Panel

President of the Governors’ Forum, Wellington Dias (PT-PI) says that the proposal presented by Jair Bolsonaro to release the use of a mask by those who have already been vaccinated against Covid or who have already been infected with the coronavirus is the same as throwing kerosene on a fire while everyone tries to put out the fire.

The governor of Piauí also says that the use of masks will continue to be recommended to everyone in the states.

“We are maintaining the position of following science and using the mask even for those who have already taken the second dose of the vaccine. Remember that we have a measure for your protection and that of other people”, says Dias.

He claims that at least 75% of Brazilians have not yet taken the first dose of the vaccine and the transmission rate of Covid-19 is high.

“A statement like this is like being in the middle of a huge fire in the country, everyone working to put it out, and someone comes along and says, ‘throw kerosene,'” says Dias.

Bolsonaro said this Thursday (10) that the minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, is preparing an opinion on the subject.

“I just talked to a man named Queiroga, I don’t know if you know who he is. Our Minister of Health. He’s going to finalize an opinion aimed at releasing the use of masks by those who are vaccinated or who have already been contaminated to remove this symbol which, obviously, has its uses for those who are infected,” said the president.

Despite the president’s proposal, a person can transmit the virus even if he is vaccinated and without symptoms. As there are still very few people vaccinated in Brazil and there is a high circulation of the coronavirus, the risk of someone who took the vaccine contracting it and transmitting it, even without getting sick, to those who are not yet protected is very high.

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