Leaders must analyze the Economy’s proposal on the change in the Income Tax before sending it to Congress – 06/06/2021 – Panel

Allies of the government in Congress say that the Ministry of Economy’s proposal to increase the salary range that will be exempted from the income tax is almost ready, but, before going to Parliament, it will pass through the scrutiny of party leaders.

As the increase has been considered timid, the objective of the review by parliamentarians before sending it is to avoid problems in approving what is left of the tax reform. “Guedes has to enter into an agreement with the Chamber”, says Cezinha da Madureira (PSD-SP), leader of the Evangelical caucus.

The deputy also assesses that despite the decision to slice the reform, which should be split into five, Congress will approve the changes.

“Arthur Lira (PP-AL) [presidente da Câmara] it’s a tractor. He’ll approve what he wants,” said Cezinha.

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