Learn about the contents of Trump’s new headquarters … like the Oval Office

Americans circulated a picture of the new office of former President Donald Trump, and in the photo Trump made sure that it was very similar to the Oval Office in the White House.

The beginning was when Stephen Miller, a former White House aide, posted a picture of him with Trump on Twitter, and quickly the picture spread on social media. The appearance of this image came as Trump tries to tighten control of the Republican Party and meets politicians at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach State of Florida to seek endorsement or host fundraisers at the resort.

According to the Politico newspaper report, the office is located above the Palm Beach ballroom. The posted photo shows Trump and Miller smiling, with palm trees in the background outside.

Online analysts analyzed everything in Trump’s office, from the photos filling the room to the bottle hiding behind Trump’s phone.

According to the newspaper report, with the help of four former White House officials, behind Trump there is a picture of an Air Force One aircraft – a term used for when the president is on board – flying over Washington near the White House as part of “Greetings to America.” The family photos of Trump are mostly photos that were also on a desk behind him in the Oval Office and include Trump’s father, wife and children. And also a photo of his presidential helicopter flying in front of Mount Rushmore when Trump held an event in July last year at Mount Rushmore.

As for Trump’s office, it is similar to the 141-year-old “Resolute Office” in the Oval Office, and it appears that Trump got it from Hooker Furniture, and it is currently worth $ 3,600. Trump used the same chair in the Oval Office that he brought from New York, according to a former White House official.

On his desk, Trump appeared to be browsing the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper whose editorial staff had criticized him for making false allegations of voter fraud. Trump also issued a statement criticizing the editors, saying: “The Wall Street Journal editorial page intentionally continues to fight for global policies like bad trade deals, open borders and endless wars. “Fortunately, no one cares much about the Wall Street Journal editorial anymore.”

Trump also has one big black pen mustache like the fleshy pen he used for years in the Oval Office for signing and sometimes marking up important articles he disliked in newspapers.

Trump appears to have a Coca-Cola bottle next to his phone, although he has urged Americans to boycott Coca-Cola, for their criticism of Georgia’s new law restricting voting.

The former president has a plaque indicating his border wall between the United States and Mexico which was one of his main promises in his 2016 election campaign.

Trump also puts his iPhone in front of him, which is known for his use of tweets at all hours of the day, and a wooden box. It is unclear what Trump uses in the box. Behind Trump and Miller is a miniature statue of Trump, and a former senior White House official said it was most likely a gift that was sent to him.

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