Lebanon prepares to ease some coronavirus restrictions Monday

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) – Lebanon intends to ease some restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic, starting Monday, as part of the second phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the epidemic.

A government task force responsible for dealing with the Corona virus said, in a statement on Sunday, that companies, such as dry cleaners, travel agents, maintenance and car wash shops, construction sites and stores that sell agricultural and veterinary products are allowed to open their doors at specific times. People who work for these companies are required to obtain travel permits from an online government platform.

Outdoor sports facilities will be open for certain hours, but team sports are prohibited, and only individual sporting activities are permitted.

Lebanon imposed a complete lockdown that included a 24-hour curfew after the escalation of the number of cases and deaths on January 14, which was supposed to end on the 25th of the same month, but it was extended until February 8 due to the unprecedented increase.

In early February, the government announced a plan to reopen the country in four phases of two weeks each, ending with the complete lifting of restrictions on March 22.

The first phase, which began Monday, February 8, continued, with a 24-hour curfew for the general public, but they were allowed to leave their homes to do basic shopping in supermarkets and stores after obtaining approval for this via an electronic government portal.

Lebanon began its vaccination campaign against the Corona virus last Sunday, after the first shipment of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine arrived at Beirut International Airport the previous day.

Lebanon has recorded a total of 355,073 coronavirus cases, with 4,340 deaths linked to the epidemic since its appearance in the country, according to the Ministry of Public Health.


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