Lebanon president says people behind violence will be held accountable, PM announces day of mourning

Zaynab Khojji
Fall, 2021-10-14 20:14

LONDON: Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun vowed that those responsible for the violence that erupted on Thursday in Beirut will be held accountable.
Speaking during a televised speech after the shootings that left six dead and dozens injured, Aoun said it was “unacceptable that weapons are once more the means of communication among Lebanese rivals.”
He added that the violence will be subject to a security and judicial follow up and that he will not allow Thursday’s violence to happen again under any circumstances.
The president described the events that took place in Beirut as “unacceptable” and said he would not “allow anyone to take Lebanon hostage to their own interests.”
Lebanon’s prime minister, meanwhile, announced on Twitter that Friday would be a day of public mourning for the lives of those killed in on Thursday.
Najib Mikati also apologized to the Lebanese people and told Annahar newspaper that he had been informed by the army that the security situation in the capital had improved on Thursday evening.
He added that the government was committed to holding elections according to constitutional dates, although today’s violence was “discouraging.”
Mikati also told Annahar newspaper that the government will remain in power and calmly handle the investigation into the Beirut Port blast.

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