Leftist militants inaugurate a new bust of Lamarca in place of the one taken by Ricardo Salles – 17/09/2021 – Panel

Representatives of leftist parties and movements made this Friday (17) the reopening of a bust of captain Carlos Lamarca (1937-1971), whose death by the dictatorship completed 50 years.

The act took place in a park in Cajati (SP), where in 2017 a similar tribute was removed by the state government.

The decision, at the time, was taken by the then Environment Secretary, Ricardo Salles. Lamarca, who deserted the army during the dictatorship, is idolized by sectors of the left and detested by the right.

Salles was accused of a crime against urban planning and cultural heritage and became a defendant. In 2020, however, the SP Court of Justice decided to lock the criminal action.

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