Leonid Yakubovich flew in in a blue helicopter and handed out 500 popsicles

Alla Surikova hosted an international festival for the first time

In Tula, the festival “Smile, Russia!” Has ended, which this year acquired the status of international. And this implies the presence of foreign paintings in the competition and an international jury team. Last year, due to the pandemic, the festival was canceled, and its president and director Alla Surikova, stepping on Tula land, admitted: “I missed Tula because I missed the festival last year. Next year, I hope we will celebrate the Tula decade ”.

The first inhabitants of the city saw Leonid Yakubovich descended from heaven. He flew in by helicopter, landed on the central square of the city, named after Lenin, and handed out 500 popsicles to everyone who came out to meet him. Another famous guest, Vladimir Pozner, preferred overland transport. On the opening day of the festival, he was presented with the award “For All Good” and walked along the restored embankment.

As always, there are many winners at the festival, and they are presented in 15 nominations. The main prize in the category “The Funniest Film” was presented by the jury under the direction of the writer and screenwriter Arkady Inin to the comedy “Stand-up undercover” by Oleg Asadulin. The main character Svetlana Artyukhova (her role was played by the colorful actress Valentina Mazunina) serves in the police, in pursuit of a drug dealer, she is introduced into the show of stand-up comedians. The duet was composed by Kirill Nagiyev, a talented young actor, completely different in acting organics from his famous father Dmitry Nagiyev. The painting “From Sadness to Joy” has become the most popular comedy. Alla Surikova presented her presidential prize to the producer of the film “Blues” Yekaterina Golubeva-Poldi. Director Alexei Kamynin, who shot this picture, laughed at the stereotypes associated with Soviet cinema. His hero was Andrei Tarkovsky performed by Ivan Yankovsky. In the near future, he will shoot the series on Netflix, and Alexander Petrov will play the main role.

Sergey Nikonenko and Vsevolod Shilovsky.

Inga Oboldina, who played in the comedy From Sadness to Joy, was awarded for Best Actress. The prize for Best Actor was shared by Georgian actor Mikhail Gomiashvili, who played in Happy End, and Roman Kurtsyn for The Most New Year! Honored in Tula, actor and director Sergei Nikonenko, who celebrated his 80th birthday. He met with spectators in the Tula Kremlin. The master class entitled “Know-House from Vishnevsky: Workshop on Optimizing Communication” was given by the poet Vladimir Vishnevsky. Alla Surikova, her daughter Kira Surikova and grandson Nikolai Surikov-Murashev took part in the literary evening “For Three”. They all write poems and stories, which they read to the audience. We also celebrated the jubilee of the film “Crazy”, because of which Alla Surikova once suffered a lot.

Roman Kurtsyn with an award for the film “The Newest Year!”

She told MK how it all happened then: “In 1991, I finished the film Crazy. She is rarely shown now, although she has a lot of fans. A new film appeared, but no one called me or tore me apart. I myself went into the cinema, asked to be taken to the director to talk. But I was told that the director is very busy. I understood everything. At that moment, our cinema began to recede into the background. Not only I walked with an outstretched hand, but also Eldar Ryazanov. His “Andersen” did not have the rental that he could count on. But I have always believed and believe that another time will come and our films will be needed. “

We talked with the president of the jury, Arkady Inin, who, together with colleagues from different countries, appreciated the films made in the most difficult – funny genre.

– Is the comedy still alive?

– Alive. We watched over twenty comedies, and there were some decent ones among them. As for Russian films, these are 70 percent not comedies. And they are mostly not about people, but about freaks, about jokes and jokes. But there were a few soulful pictures. I think that “From Sadness to Joy” by Eduard Parry with Fyodor Dobronravov is the best picture, because it is about people. Much is done at the level of “pants fell”, the characters have changed into a woman’s dress – this is supposedly ridiculous.

– For the first time foreign films took part in the competition. How did Russian comedies look against their background?

– I have not experienced any shocks from foreign paintings. They are no worse, but no better than ours. Everyone goes roughly the same way: jokes, jokes, jokes. Kazakhstani “I am a donut!” Turned out to be very human, unexpected and modern. We noted this film for its direction in the nomination “The most tender comedy”, and Nazerka Nazarova, the leading role, was awarded a diploma. In foreign paintings, basically everything is like ours. These are not comedies, but serious pictures with some kind of jokes. I liked the Italian tragicomedy about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A very good Georgian actor Mikhail Gomiashvili in the film “Happy End” by Yevgeny Shelyakin. I could not even imagine that he was a son …

Yuri Norshtein with plaster, on which Mikhail Zhvanetsky left his autograph.

“Ostap Bender?”

– Yes, Archila Gomiashvili. It is a pity that Mikhail could not come. There were many good people at the festival, not only filmmakers, and, as always, there was a very friendly atmosphere, many good events. For the evening of Mikhail Zhvanetsky, his wife and son arrived. Alla Surikova with her daughter and grandson read their poems. I showed a new pandemic skit. In my opinion, funny. The audience received him very well.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28623 of September 14, 2021

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