“Life and death of republican civilization”

CHRONICLE – The historian Jean-François Sirinelli dares a nostalgic fresco of republican sentiment that has become French civilization. A time when we talked about brotherhood and not “living together.”

With his hair bleached under the harness, Jean-François Sirinelli seems to have come out of a book of hours of the IIIe Republic. It sometimes happens that the subject of study ends up rubbing off on its author. Sirinelli never tires of examining the transformations of modern France, rather those of the Ve Republic than previous ones. The book he is publishing this week questions the deep agreements of French society in the shadow of the Republics that have succeeded one another since the French defeat of 1870.

Because, looking at the debates and polemics of the last political seasons, France in 2021 remains the daughter of the 1880s. School, secularism, freedom of expression, the small Gironde homelands, but also respect for the Marseillaise and unanimity in favor of the July 14 parade: the symbols are the same, the places of memories and controversies have barely budged. However, this is not the general opinion. The pollster Jérôme Fourquet imposed the idea of ​​a

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