Life for 3 young men, convicted of crimes of detention and attempted rape in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court convicted 3 defendants on charges of seizing liberty, attempted rape and participating in it for engagement, and sentenced them to life imprisonment. The ruling also included the punishment of the first suspect M. for the crime of consuming psychotropic substances with imprisonment for a period of three years and a fine of fifty thousand dirhams. Regarding the two crimes, he hit the police patrol and destroyed the patrol car, in connection with one year imprisonment. And for the crime of driving a vehicle on the public road while under the influence of consuming psychotropic substances, he is imprisoned for a period of six months and fined thirty thousand dirhams and suspended from his driving license until its validity expires, and it is prohibited to renew it or obtain another again. And for the crime of driving a vehicle on a public road with an obscured number plate, imprisonment for a period of six months and a fine of thirty thousand dirhams.

The second suspect, S.M., for the crime of using a psychotropic substance, was punished with imprisonment for a period of three years and a fine of fifty thousand dirhams.

It also convicted the third defendant AS for the crime of using a psychotropic substance, and sentenced him to two years imprisonment and fined him fifty thousand dirhams.

On her part; The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi affirmed that the security and safety of community members is a top priority for which the efforts of the concerned authorities are united to deal firmly and in accordance with the legal controls for everything that may intimidate the safe or threaten the safety of any person or endanger his life, so that every criminal may be punished according to the established laws. This is to achieve justice and the rule of law.

The Public Prosecution also praised the role of Abu Dhabi Police in arresting the accused within a record time and responding quickly to the report, so that the accused were arrested and brought to the court that imposed the most severe punishment on them in a way that constitutes a deterrent to anyone who commits such crimes that are punishable by law.

The details of the incident are summarized in the receipt of a report to the operations room of the Abu Dhabi Police, about an attack and a threat in a desert area, while the victims were present. From the location, while the third accused tried to rape the victim by seizing her, she resisted him and prevented him from completing his crime, and the other two accused tried to take turns staying with her.

While the victim was able to escape from them and inform the security authorities, who went to the scene of the incident, the defendants rushed to flee, but the police reached them quickly. And one of the defendants, while trying to flee his car, deliberately hit the police car, causing damage to it and endangering the lives of its members. So, all the accused were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, which conducted investigations with them, and ordered their preventive detention and referred them to the court and demanded the maximum penalties for them.

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