lightning kills 27 in West Bengal

Lightning killed 27 people in eastern India and eight passengers on a plane were injured in severe turbulence caused by a monsoon storm, authorities said on Tuesday (June 8th).

«Among the 27 people killed on Monday evening (…) were many farmers who worked in the fieldsWest Bengal Minister of Disaster Management Javed Ahmed Khan told AFP. This state suffered thunderstorms late Monday and some regions were struck by lightning, according to the authorities. During the monsoon which lasts from June to September in India, lightning frequently kills people.

A flight from Bombay to Calcutta, capital of West Bengal, was caught in a storm as it landed, officials added. Eight passengers were injured, four of whom were taken to hospital. “A passenger is still in the hospital. The others came outAirport manager C. Pattabhi told AFP.the passengers got away with it“. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced financial compensation for the families of the victims and those injured.

Almost 2,900 people were killed by lightning strikes in India in 2019, according to the latest official figures available. Annual monsoon rains in South Asia are vital for irrigation and hydropower generation, but they also cause death and destruction.


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