List of grounds for exemption from conscription for partial mobilization published

The portal “Explain.rf” published a list of legal grounds that will be taken into account in the military commissariats for exemption from conscription as part of the partial mobilization announced in Russia on September 21.

Thus, according to the government portal, according to Russian legislation, will not call:

– Russians who received a deferment from mobilization and work in organizations that have mobilization tasks or ensure their implementation;

– employees of organizations of the military-industrial complex;

– recognized as temporarily unfit for military service for health reasons for up to six months;

– providing care for family members who need it on an ongoing basis, and for the disabled of the first group, if there is no one else to provide this care;

– guardians or trustees of minor brothers and sisters, also in the absence of other persons who could provide them with this care;

– people who are dependent on four or more children under the age of 16, as well as those who are dependent on and are raising children under the age of 16 without a mother;

– citizens whose wives are more than 22 weeks pregnant and who have three dependent children under the age of 16;

– Russians whose mothers, in addition to them, have four or more children under the age of eight and raise them without a husband;

– citizens who are dependent on four or more children under the age of 16 years.

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