Lobista confirms to the CPI a close relationship with Renan Bolsonaro in tense testimony with threat of imprisonment – 15/09/2021 – Power

Lobbyist Marconny Albernaz de Faria acknowledged in testimony to Covid’s CPI this Wednesday (15) that he maintains a very close and friendly relationship with Jair Renan, son of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Marconny said that he even celebrated his birthday in a box owned by his son “04” and that he helped him open his company. In a tense statement, Marconny repeatedly irritated the CPI senators by giving confused and embarrassed answers.

He was also threatened with imprisonment for claiming that he did not remember who the senator was referred to in a message, in which he said that this congressman would help “untie the knot” in the negotiation of tests to detect Covid-19.

Report from sheet showed messages exchanged between Marconny and Jair Renan in which the lobbyist offers to help open the company of the president’s son.

The information is contained in WhatsApp conversations obtained by sheet, after judicial breach of confidentiality of the lobbyist at the request of the Federal Public Ministry in Pará, and analysis of documents from the Federal Revenue. Data were shared with the CPI.

Marconny confirmed in his testimony his proximity to Jair Renan, a friendship that began as soon as the president’s son arrived in Brasília. “He [Renan] I wanted to create an influencer company, and then I just introduced him to a fellow tax expert who could help open that company.”

The lobbyist also acknowledged that he celebrated his birthday in a box owned by Jair Renan, located in the Mané Garrincha stadium, in Brasília. In his defense, Marconny claimed that the party did not violate the health rules of the pandemic.

“But I’m not saying your event was held illegally. The illegality is not in the party, the illegality is in what is achieved at the parties, because it clarifies, very clearly, why it is worth hiring a Marconny”, reacted senator Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-SE).

“Because Marconny says he doesn’t know a senator, Marconny isn’t a lawyer, Marconny doesn’t understand contracts, Marconny doesn’t understand public administration, but Marconny is a guy who goes to the barbecue with the president’s lawyer [Bolsonaro] and that he has his birthday party in the box owned or rented, I don’t know, by the president’s son”, he added.

At another time, the lobbyist used the right granted by a habeas corpus to remain silent and not respond to the role of Bolsonaro’s ex-wife Ana Cristina Valle in appointing people to the government.

The vice president of the CPI, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), highlighted the proximity of the lobbyist with people from the hard core of Bolsonaro, including lawyer Karina Kufa, and said afterwards that the deponent’s response would not be necessary, since the commission already has messages that prove its performance.

“Mrs. Ana Cristina Bolsonaro, who I believe must be brought to the CPI, forwards résumés of people nominated by Mr. Marconny to occupy positions in the federal government,” said Randolfe.

Marconny is appointed by the CPI members as a lobbyist who works for Need Medicines, a company that became a target because of the suspicious negotiation for the sale of the Indian vaccine Covaxin. The R$1.6 billion contract with the Ministry of Health was canceled.

More specifically, Marconny would have acted as an intermediary for the sale of Covid-19 detection tests to the Ministry of Health, which he denies. He said that he was only approached by the company to provide political advice, but that there were no negotiations and that he was not even paid for the service. He said the relationship lasted approximately 30 days and boiled down to conversations via messaging apps.

“Since the competition was already in progress, I did not participate in the analysis of the notice, qualification or presentation of a proposal by Necessidade”, he said, adding that the purchase was canceled by the Ministry. Health and much less the vaccine,” he said.

Reporter Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) then countered and said that Marconny was part of a group that worked to defraud bids at the Ministry of Health. Trento and former director of logistics at the Ministry Roberto Ferreira Dias worked together to harm competitors in the process.

“This architecture [para fraudar licitação] is it from your head, from Maximiano’s head or from Roberto Dias’ head?”, asked Renan.

“This was sent by the technical part of Conceição, senator,” Marconny replied.

In one of the most tense moments in the testimony, Marconny was asked who would be a congressman to whom he referred in a conversation via WhatsApp obtained by the CPI. The lobbyist deals with the sale of Covid tests and would have stated that there would be a senator who would “untie the knot” of the contract.

Marconny was asked several times about who would be the parliamentarian, but he said he did not remember. The response angered the senators, who even approved a request that the Legislative Police lift all the lobbyist’s visits to the Senate.

The president of the CPI, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), stated that he could consult the STF (Supreme Federal Court) to see what procedures could be adopted against the deponent. “You are lacking the truth. Not committing yourself to an answer is one thing. Between you omitting and missing the truth, it’s too far [uma coisa da outra].”

Jean Paul Prates (PT-RN) even mentioned that Marconny could be arrested, claiming that he could “sleep” in the Senate.

Marconny also struggled to describe his performance. He said that he was not a lobbyist and that there was no contradiction “in the figure of a private agent to promote private negotiations, analysis of the political scenario and eventually institutional dialogues with public agents, provided that no act of active corruption is configured”.

“Contrary to what they say, if I were a lobbyist, I would be a terrible lobbyist. Because I was never able to transform my social relations into contracts and millionaire economic results, as falsely reported by the press,” he said.

Marconny was supposed to testify earlier this month, but he claimed health reasons and did not appear. The CPI’s leadership even determined the conduct under the rod, but the deponent was not found. For this hearing, the commission had a judicial authorization to proceed with coercive conduct, in case he did not appear again.


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