L’Oréal Brasil trainee program will dedicate 50% of vacancies to black professionals – 06/11/2021 – Panel SA

L’Oréal Brasil’s trainee program in the second half of this year will allocate at least 50% of its vacancies to black professionals, according to Marcelo Zimet, president of the company, which joined the Mover (Movement for Racial Equity), a joint action by more than 40 Brazilian and multinational companies with the objective of reaching 10 thousand leadership positions occupied by black people in the coming years.

At L’Oréal Brasil, the goal for 2025 is to have 30% of the leadership positions with racial equality, which means doubling the black presence in relation to the current scenario, according to Zimet. Every two vacancies open, one of them will be occupied by black people.

In the cosmetics and beauty market, in addition to correcting the distortion to replicate the representativeness of the Brazilian population within the team, the company has also made progress in adapting its products, recently removing expressions such as “whitener” from its packaging.

Helena Bertho, the company’s head of communication, diversity and sustainability, speaks about three pillars divided into people, innovation and communication.

The people area deals with recruitment, an inclusive environment and talent retention, in addition to mandatory workshops on diversity and inclusion for employees at all hierarchical levels.

The innovation part studies the offer of diversity in the product portfolio, while communication looks at social representations, according to Bertho.

“In a company like L’Oréal, which has a strong base of influencers, who are these people we are bringing? It will represent not only the values ​​of our brands, but also the country, so that our consumers can see each other”, says the executive.

with Mariana Grazini e Andressa Motter

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