LREM offers a new formulation

The new wording “must allow us to find the voice of an agreement with the Senate», Affirmed Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade, rapporteur of the bill aiming to integrate the defense of the environment in article 1 of the Constitution.

The LREM deputies tabled on Friday, June 11 an amendment to the bill aimed at including the climate in the Constitution, in order to find common ground with the right-wing majority Senate and allow the referendum desired by Emmanuel Macron.

It would be a question of engraving in Article 1 of the Basic Law that the French Republic “guarantees the preservation of the environment and biological diversity and acts against climate change“, According to this amendment which AFP has had a copy of. It will be debated in committee on Tuesday, June 15, before the examination of the draft constitutional revision in the hemicycle on June 21 at second reading. Following the recommendations of the Citizen’s Climate Convention (CCC), the executive wanted to include the same formula with one word: “fight“And not simply”acts»Against climate change.

The LREM group, with its majority partners who will table the same amendment, “wants to do everything possible to find an agreement with the Senate, without giving up the essentials and therefore our initial ambition“, Argues Christophe Castaner, leader of the deputies”walkers». «We keep the term “guarantee”», He emphasizes. It is this term that the Senate refused at first reading in May, because it would institute a “quasi-obligation of result“. The wording voted by the senatorial majority indicates that France “preserves the environment as well as biological diversity and acts against climate change, under the conditions provided for by the 2004 Environmental Charter».

According to the rapporteur to the Assembly Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (LREM), who worked for the new amendment with his group and Matignon, “we take note of the Senate’s refusal to propose to the French the wording of the Citizens’ Convention but we continue the exchange“. And the new wording “must allow us to find the voice of an agreement with the Senate».

«Far from burying the referendum, the majority is doing everything to make it possible», He assures us. “What I am the guarantor“, is that'”there will be no abandonment“, Emmanuel Macron said in May. “This text will live its parliamentary life which alone allows to go to the referendum if the senators and the deputies agreeOn the same terms, he added.


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