Luc Ferry: “Understanding contemporary art at last”

CHRONICLE – The people do not recognize themselves in contemporary works. Few workers and peasants go to the Fiac, the highlight of this artistic movement.

At a time when the public returns to the path of museums and galleries, here are some keys to better understand the meaning of these tarred pianos, white boards on white (or black on black), bowler hats filled with paint, piles of sand or charcoal that is presented to us as works of art. From Duchamp’s urinal, the jokes of contemporary art keep repeating themselves to the point where innovation has become tradition.

The people do not recognize themselves there. Few workers and peasants at the Fiac or in an atonal music concert. Evidenced by the recurring anecdotes of these unfortunate housekeepers who thought they were doing the right thing by cleaning a filthy bathtub, clearing a table or emptying an ashtray without realizing that it was a grand masterpiece. by Daniel Buren, Damien Hirst or Paul Branca. Some adore, others hate. It doesn’t really matter. The main thing is to understand how we got there. Why,

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