Luciano Hang makes a video of handcuffs for the case of being arrested by the CPI – 27/09/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

Businessman Luciano Hang, owner of Havan stores and supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), shared a video this Monday (27) in which he appears with one of his arms in handcuffs.

In the piece, he claims that he bought the artifact so that money is not spent during his testimony at Covid’s CPI, which should take place next Wednesday (29).

“I’m going to CPI with an open heart. Kindness breeds kindness, respect breeds respect. I want them to ask the questions and I have all the time in the world to answer. I have so much time, every Wednesday will be available. I work 24 hours a day, so I’ll have all the time in the world,” says the manager in the video.

“And, if by chance they don’t accept what I’m going to say, I’ve already bought it… In order not to spend money on handcuffs, I’ve already bought a handcuff, I’ll hand over a key to each senator. And let them arrest me,” he concludes, raising his arms .

Hang is one of the main advocates of so-called early treatment. Your testimony should help the CPI to further investigate the possible link between the federal government and private entities to promote the ineffective treatment against Covid-19.

A dossier delivered to the CPI by 15 doctors who worked in the Prevent Senior network points out that patients and relatives were not consulted about the administration of medications in the so-called “Covid kit”. The document also mentions a supposed change in the medical records of the physician Anthony Wong and Regina Hang, mother of Luciano Hang.

According to the dossier, the medical record of Hang’s mother cites the consequence of bacterial pneumonia, and not Covid-19, which is why she was hospitalized, as the cause of her death.

In addition, the medical record, obtained by the sheet, also reports that the patient received so-called “early treatment” with ineffective drugs against the disease, such as azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine, prednisone and colchicine, before dying.

There was also treatment for rectal ozone therapy, prescribed by private doctors not linked to the operator, as reported by Prevent Senior in a lawsuit filed against doctors who reported the company to Cremesp (Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo).

Covid’s CPI rapporteur, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), said last week that the commission has evidence that businessman Luciano Hang asked the doctors who treated his mother not to disclose that she had been medicated with the call. “Covid kit”.

In a video posted on their social networks, the owner of the Havan network had stated that his mother could have been saved if she had undergone preventive treatment for the disease.

“I always say: we can no longer take care of those who have died, but we can take care of those who are alive. Make the right decision. I ask myself today that I could have saved my mother, all of a sudden, if I had taken the preventive, couldn’t we have done it? And now I’m wondering, what if I had, wouldn’t she be alive? Reflects. Thanks”.

In a press release, Hang said he did “all he could” and that, “like any son”, when his mother became ill, “went off to war with all the weapons he had.” The businessman also said that he has “complete confidence in the procedures adopted by Prevent Senior and that everything that was possible was done”.

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