Lucifer and Miranda similar shows? Indeed they are, says Tom Ellis


om Ellis has compared his series Lucifer, in which he plays the devil, to his other most famous show – slapstick comedy Miranda.

Ellis, 42, plays Lucifer Morningstar in the popular fantasy drama series – the fifth season of which is out on Friday. The character abdicates his throne in Hell to live in Los Angeles and run a nightclub before joining the police department as a consultant.

In Miranda, the star plays Gary Preston – the hapless love-interest of Miranda Hart’s main namesake character.

Speaking to the Standard, Ellis said the shows have more in common that many would believe.

“The show [Lucifer] is funny but it also has a lot of heart,” he said. “People find themselves laughing along and then releasing they are more connected to the character then they think. In the same way as – and it’s not the same – but Miranda. It is a show you couldn’t help but like. You just sort of – it was shameless and fun. Lucifer is shameless and fun – it knows what it is.

“There is something for everyone in it. That is why it has had such a shelf life. It is something that not a lot of shows can do – cater for a lot of people at once.”

He also said he was initially surprised about Lucifer’s fan base.

Speaking about why the show is so popular, he said: “I think people are obsessed with the devil full stop. When I look at where our fan bases are – it is mostly majority Catholic countries. South America, lots of parts of Europe. I think because it is part of people’s culture.”

Lucifer is set to come to an end following the broadcast of the sixth season – which has already been filmed. Ellis said he was “grieving” the career-defining character.

He said: “I went through the process of grieving the character. I knew it was time to say goodbye. I think it is good that we finished before I started hating the character. Leave them wanting more.”

However, he spoke of the downsides of the fame the role had bought him.

“Miranda was an amazing experience and very popular but for me as an actor, this has been a totally different experience – to lead the show and have that responsibility on my shoulders,” he said.

Ellis continued: “I am a lot more recognisable to people that I used to be. It is nice and lits lovely for people to come up and say they enjoy the show. I will say, as much as I don’t like wearing masks even though they are very important, I like the level of anonymity they bring.”

Ellis was speaking ahead of his involvement in a new EE campaign – which saw him enjoy a remote shave by a robotic arm controlled through 4G and 5G technology on the top of Snowdon in Wales.

He said he wanted to get involved as: “I thought that’s bonkers. I was really intrigued by the concept. I was sitting there thinking – what on earth am I doing?”

Ellis put his neck on the line in the latest EE campaign, showcasing the high performance of the award-winning network, in a remote shave live from Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa). Tom’s beard was shaved by a state-of-the-art robotic arm, remotely controlled over EE’s network, by a barber based 250 miles away.


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