Lula/Alckmin plate would be a good idea, maybe too good for Brazil in 2018 – 11/07/2021 – Celso Rocha de Barros

Last week, Mônica Bergamo reported that Lula and Geraldo Alckmin are discussing the formation of a ticket to dispute the presidency of the republic in 2022. I am in favor, but I have doubts if it is possible. Perhaps we as a country no longer have the level of collective intelligence, sense of responsibility and character needed to do something like this.

It’s easy to imagine a Lula-Alckmin ticket short-circuiting because the respective militancy will repeat the same tired clichés against each other, because some idiot like Sergio Moro will step in saying “Oh, corrupt professional politicians, they’re not like the Onyx who apologized to me”, or because the Brazilian elite likes this pestiferous degeneration that is the Brazil of Bolsonaro.

Anyway, at least as an exercise, I’ll explain why I think the Lula/Alckmin ticket would be a good idea.

It would be an opportunity to do what Marina Silva called “integration of legacies”, a proposal to retake Brazil based on what has worked since the redemocratization of different governments. It is not just joining the PSDB’s macroeconomic adjustment with the PT’s income redistribution, it would be a matter of updating each of these proposals for the current moment. Here are some examples of agreements that a Lula/Alckmin government could weave.

As everyone but Guedes’ mule knows, the best tax reform proposal is that of Bernard Appy, a rare former member of Palocci’s team who was close to the PT before 2002 and is now closer to the liberals. Appy was the most important “orthodox” economist to declare a vote for Haddad in the second round of 2018. His proposal is especially favorable to the industrial sector, which we all agree needs to be recovered. Had they won 2018, both Alckmin and Haddad would have funded Appy’s project.

Neither PT nor PSDB managed to tax the rich. Today the consensus on the need to do this is more consolidated than it ever was. Can be done.

The biggest Brazilian granary of “third-ways”, the center-left Northeast (Tasso-Ciro-Camilo in Ceará, PSB in Pernambuco, Dino in Maranhão) has done a beautiful job in the area of ​​education in the last decades. In a recent debate, potential minister Tábata Amaral proposed the program “basic education like that of Sobral, high school like that of Pernambuco.” You can do it.

Bolsonaro and Guedes have already killed Temer’s ceiling, but it should be possible to come up with a reasonable spending limit. It is good to remember that the first project of this type was by the PT member Nelson Barbosa.

If the left has to face the fiscal problem head on, liberals need to come up with a project for the world of work that is not just about deregulation. I don’t see why there wouldn’t be possible agreements with unions on professional qualification, outplacement or the dynamization of sectors that generate “good jobs”. In the long run, unionization is the best way to make state regulation unnecessary.

A Lula/Alckmin government would not need to be a government of immobility because it is centrist: deep transformations can be negotiated. Even if the ticket does not come out, it is a solution with this spirit that Brazil needs to return, not to what it used to be, but to the path to what we want it to be.

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