Lula and Bolsonaro’s Escape

(photo: reproduction)

Brazil is experiencing a scenario of war against hunger, which is driven by inflation and observed by a left and a right detached from reality.

The two main candidates for the Plateau do not seem to be domiciled on planet earth, as their speeches are very close to “The Fantastic World of Bobby”, where imagination reigns.

The proof of the detachment of Lula and Bolsonaro is the constant escape from debates or interviews, offered by the media.

The escapes from the debates on the part of Lula and Bolsonaro, shows that the great proposals of both are not having proposals, but the desire to polarize in search of the greater good that is not service, but power.

Now we just have to wait for the debates of the presidential candidates, with the absence of Lula and Bolsonaro.

Long live democracy!

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