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Former president and presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said this Friday (5th) that the country will return to being ruled by the working class if it emerges victorious from the polls in the October elections, and promised to promote adjustments. on taxpayers’ income tax.

“Humbly, the working class will go back to running this country and you will have a president who goes to the factory door to tell you that we are going to make the necessary readjustments in the income tax of the working class”, said Lula at the launch of the book “Four decades with Lula: The power to walk together”, by Clara Ant, and the documentary “Backstage of Victory”, by Luciana Sérvulo.

Lula spoke about the achievements of his government in the economic area, such as the reduction of interest rates, inflation and unemployment. He recalled that the minimum wage had a correction rule above inflation. He also criticized changes in labor laws that weakened workers’ rights after the PT left the government.

According to Lula, the situation in the country is now worse than in 2003, when he assumed the Presidency of the Republic for the first time. “You know perfectly well that this country had changed,” he said.

This week, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) also stated that he will correct the IRPF (Individual Income Tax) table in 2023, a promise he made in 2018 and so far not fulfilled. Last Tuesday (2), Bolsonaro said that the change will already be included in the Budget Guidelines Law, in the National Congress.

“It has already been discussed with Paulo Guedes, there will be an update on the income tax table for next year. It is already guaranteed, I don’t know the percentage. It is becoming an income reducer, not a table”, he said.

However, as shown by Sheet this Friday, the readjustment of the IRPF table was left out of the budget piece to be sent by the Executive at the end of the month. The calculations for sending the Budget were discussed at a meeting this Thursday (4th) of the JEO (Budget Execution Board), formed by ministers Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil) and Paulo Guedes (Economy).

The salary ranges used to apply the Income Tax discount have been frozen since 2015 – which, in practice, means a higher tax burden for families. Any change, on the other hand, will mean loss of revenue for the Union.

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