Macron against compulsory vaccination “at this stage”

The Head of State specified that the question of compulsory vaccination could arise if scientists recommend a vaccination rate of “80-90%” and that “we can no longer convince”.

Emmanuel Macron does not want to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory “at this stage“, The president explained Thursday, June 3, considering that”membership goes up” all alone. “Should it be made compulsory? At this point I don’t believe“, He said during a discussion with about thirty retirees in Martel, on the second day of his trip to the Lot.

«For the French, when something is mandatory, it deploys antibodies. People when we give them freedom, we convince them. If we tell them ‘it’s mandatory’, they’ll say ‘wow, what’s he doing to us?’ So I believe the membership is going up“, Estimated the head of state. About this “collective psychology“, He estimated that”there was a bit of what is called a ‘Parmentier effect’», Named after the apothecary Antoine Parmentier who in the 18th century succeeded in popularizing the potato, a new scary vegetable, by making believe in its rarity.

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«It’s rare so everyone wants to go“, Summed up Emmanuel Macron about vaccines. Furthermore “people see the facts“- mortality fell in the Ephad after the deployment of the vaccination -“and want to return to a normal life. So I think I can say it’s better to leave it like this», He judged. He noted, however, that “at a given moment if science tells us’ we have to reach 80-90% (of vaccination rate, Editor’s note) of the population to have (collective) immunity, we have a problem in the country because we are more able to convince ‘, we can perhaps ask ourselves a question»Make vaccination compulsory. But “I’m not there», He concluded.

While vaccination is now open to over 18s, Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday that it will be open to adolescents from 12 to 18 years old from June 15, still on a voluntary basis.


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