Macron reacts to the document concerning him seized from Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron interviewed by CNN on September 23, 2022, two days after his speech at the UN General Assembly (New York). CNN

During a search of Donald Trump’s residence last August, the FBI found a document titled “President of France”.

Interviewed by CNN in New York on the night of Thursday to Friday, Emmanuel Macron returned to the document relating to his person seized by the FBI from Donald Trump. “I read some information about it in the newspapers” did he declare. “ I would love to have more information».

«I am not a member of the FBI, I am not a member of President Trump’s legal team, so I have no information on the subject.” he added. “This situation is not very pleasant“, he continued. “But I try to be less paranoid every day“, he jokes.

On August 9, the FBI raided the Florida residence of Donald Trump, seizing classified documents, taken by the American president after his departure from the White House in January 2021. Since then, President Trump’s lawyers and the Ministry of justice clash on the legality of this search and on the elements “top secretthat were found at Mar-a-Lago, including records relating to US nuclear weapons.

It is still not known if this document on the French president was classified or not. It was found in a box with the executive order signed by Trump commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. The inventory of documents found in this box does not make it possible to establish the nature – classified or not – of the document.

Apart from this subject, the interview of the French president with CNN mainly revolved around the war in Ukraine and the intentions of Vladimir Putin, the crisis of democracy and the middle classes in the West, or even the future relationship between France and the United Kingdom with the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

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