Macron supports the idea of ​​a “special envoy for climate security”

At a conference of leaders of the UN Security Council, Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday supported the German idea to appoint a special envoy for climate security.

Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday supported the German idea to name “a special correspondent for climate security“During a videoconference of the leaders of the UN Security Council, stressing that”failure on the climate front would undermine conflict prevention efforts».

Pleading during his allowance for a “Security Council unity regained“, The French president winked at the former Democratic Secretary of State John Kerry, the new American special envoy for the climate, which he described as”resistant during the four yearsFrom Donald Trump’s Republican US Presidency. The French president insisted on “the link between climate and security“Which he judged”complex and undeniable, somehow inexorable“, Pleading for”effective multilateralism“Of all the members of the Security Council for”health“And”stability of our planet». «Of the 20 countries most affected by conflict in the world, 12 are also among the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change», Underlined Emmanuel Macron, during this session dedicated to the climate which is held a few days after the formal return of the United States in the Paris agreement to limit global warming. “Failure on the climate front would undermine conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts“Continued the French president, estimating that the extreme phenomena linked to global warming will multiply and worsen, with their share of insecurity and wars.

Calling on the 15 members of the Council to “take up these issues“, He ruled that the appointment”a special envoy for climate security may be appropriate to coordinate efforts“For example in the event of a climate disaster, or to provide”small producers of insurance mechanisms that will allow them to restart economic activity quickly after a disaster». «And I will only see benefits for the Secretary General (of the UN) to report annually to the Security Council on the impact of the climate on international security, to anticipate, alert us, make recommendations to us, and allow us to play our role», Added Emmanuel Macron.

Last year, Germany had drawn up a draft resolution providing for the creation of a UN envoy post but under the threat of a veto from the United States, Russia, and even China, Berlin n had not put this text to the vote.


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