Magnitude 3.2 earthquake rocks the NSW Snowy Mountains – with locals hearing a huge ‘bang’

‘The house felt like it lifted’: Magnitude 3.2 earthquake rocks the NSW Snowy Mountains – with locals hearing a huge ‘blast’

  • A magnitude 3.2 earthquake hit 19km south of Jindabyne at 10.15am Wednesday
  • Locals have reported hearing a ‘thunder-like bang’ and their homes shaking
  • The seismic activity was picked up in Sydney –  no reports of injury or damage

A magnitude 3.2 earthquakes has rocked the NSW Snowy Mountains as locals report hearing a ‘loud bang’ before it felt like their homes were being lifted off the ground.

The quake hit around 19km south of Jindabyne about 10.15am on Wednesday morning, at a depth of 10km, with the tremors picked up in seismic stations as far as Sydney.

One person, in Dalgety, about 30km away, told the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre they experienced a ‘tremor then boom and [the] house felt like it lifted’.

Meanwhile, a Jindabyne resident said they heard a thunderous sound before the ground rumbled beneath their home.

‘Huge thunder-like noise then a rolling shake like a domino effect one side of the house to the other,’ they told Volcano Discovery.

Another local said it was like a ‘short sharp shock, more like an explosion’ and their windows were rattling, while someone else said it ‘sounded like my house was going to fall down on my head’.

One man wrote on Twitter that his dogs started barking during the earth tremor.

There have been no reports of any injuries or property damage.

The event comes hours after a 3.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

The quake struck about 3.15pm with locals reporting their homes objects shaking out of their kitchen cupboards, and children at a local primary school screaming in fear amid the tremors.

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