Major General Igor Komissarov criticized the “line of the state” after the Perm tragedy

January 15, 2018. 10 a.m. Only four days since the New Year holidays ended.

There were still 10 months left before the Kerch shooter. Before Kazan – 3 years 4 months. Before being shot at the University of Perm – 3 years 9 months.

This incident was then little noticed on a national scale. Maybe because there were no casualties. 11 injured fourth-graders, one badly wounded teacher and two attackers who tried to kill each other.

Nobody died, probably only because the criminals – 15-year-old Leonid and Alexey (names have been changed – author) ineptly wielded knives, and did not shoot.

Yes, the media published articles with sad and banal conclusions that no one was involved in underage attackers, that they liked to play network games, mainly shooters (shooters), that in childhood they were trolled by their peers – everything, as usual, but also only.

However, judging by what happened now, no one drew conclusions then …

Two teenagers came to school №127 of the Motovilikhinsky district of Perm to arrange a massacre.

The guards could not let them in, since only one of them had a pass, but the second who entered by the name of Leonid calmly explained that he had forgotten his pass at home, and they were not stopped.

They went up to the third floor, where there was a labor lesson for the fourth grade, the classes were led by the teacher Natalya Shagulina. We entered the classroom without masks, without hiding their faces, one blocked the exit, the other began to hit the teacher. The children screamed. To silence them, the attacker began to stab him wherever he went. According to the testimony of the four-graders, the teenagers did not say anything, only laughed loudly.

Bleeding, the teacher was able to make her way to the door and shouted to the students to run away. She herself brought one boy to the first-aid post and lost consciousness there.

Left alone, the attackers started a fire in an empty classroom. Seeing flames creeping through the curtains, another teacher, who accidentally looked into the office, grabbed a full cooler with water and poured the fire.

She tried to dissuade teenagers from killing each other. But they did not hear anything and carried out their plans.

The police and an ambulance arrived. The teenagers even lay in adjoining wards in the hospital. The Investigative Committee qualified the attack as a planned attempted murder.

The questions that society raised after the incident were banal to the point of grinding teeth. How did the attackers get to the school? Why didn’t the guards do anything? What kind of families raised these monsters?

Unless the issue of firearms was on the agenda: minors simply could not buy them.

The stories of the boys before they crossed the threshold of the school were also the most common.

In the 9th, Leonid remained for the second year, and he ended up in the same class as the other participant in the attack. The teenagers began to communicate.

After the 9th grade, Leonid entered the Slavyanov Perm Polytechnic College.

Before that, there were rumors around the school that he was planning to commit suicide, he told many that he would not live to see the end of the year. Sometimes he complained about others that they did not understand him. But in general, none of the familiar friends expected this from him. In general, everything is the same as now. They did not know, did not see, did not think, did not suspect …

“People are somehow shameless, without a drop of pity. Therefore, Lenya did not want to live, – a former classmate defended one of the perpetrators of the tragedy. – They really scoffed at him, anyone could come up – scare him, slap him in the face. All the rest – guys, teachers – turned a blind eye to this, it really pissed him off. They simply didn’t understand him, they simply didn’t accept him, or they couldn’t accept him – and that was all. “

The culprits were arrested right in hospital beds. One of them was transferred to the hospital block of the pre-trial detention center, the other was left until he recovered – under the supervision of the guards.

At the trial, it turned out that one of the juvenile criminals suffered from a mental illness, and the other was simply a follower.

The Permians tried not to remember what happened at school 127, even the injured teacher, who received the medal “For Courage”, asked the journalists not to bother her, as “she would like to leave this situation in the past.” She went back to work at school and even went with her students to Artek in the summer.

To survive and move on was the main wish of all those affected by this crime.

Alarming crowd: Perm students came to commemorate those killed at the university

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Major General of Justice Igor Komissarov, at that time a senior assistant to the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, supervised this investigation and went to the scene of the emergency in Perm.

– Igor Fyodorovich, why has nothing been done in three years after what happened?

– Why not? At that time, the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Perm Territory did a lot of work not only to identify the direct persons responsible for the tragedy – later both teenagers were convicted, one, as far as I remember, was sent for compulsory treatment, the second was sentenced to long imprisonment.

The question was in the reasons and conditions that contributed to the commission of the crime. In this case, there were some circumstances that, I believe, led to the disaster.

Shortly before the incident, the mother of one of the culprits turned to the guardianship and guardianship authorities for help in raising her son, but no one began to help her, on the contrary, she was fined. She needed support, but instead, punitive measures were taken against her.

So, in my opinion, there were many to blame for what happened. They talked about it, but after a while, as it turned out, they happily forgotten.

– To be honest, I’m sure it will be the same now. They will talk, make some noise – and until the next emergency.

– That’s just the point, so the question is not for Perm. The problem is not being solved at the level of one constituent entity of the Russian Federation. This is a common systemic thing, and the federal authorities must deal with it. And in order for them to make informed decisions, professionals must understand the issue.

And we have some in the forest, some for firewood. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the guardianship and guardianship authorities, social protection provides material assistance, teachers only need a learned school curriculum.

With my submission, an Ombudsman for children appeared in due time, but no one is still involved in the family. But it all starts with her. Someone should unite this system, build, train personnel and, perhaps, in years the results will only begin.

Nothing will change right away, too much time has been wasted. In a month or two, nothing can be solved and fixed. It is physically impossible for one school psychologist to deal with 300-400 students. It is necessary to train specialists who will work with such children.

What are we seeing today? A certain structure through Rosmolodezh asked for more than a billion to monitor the Internet for searching for prohibited content, and after the previous tragedy in Kerch, already in 2018, they were already given more than 500 million. And what has been done in three years? Nothing.

A problem that cannot be solved now and immediately, which requires a carefully prepared comprehensive solution, worked out with the participation of professionals in this field of activity, is again hoped to shut up mainly through the infusion of huge budget funds into some public organizations to control the Internet. At the same time, the criteria for this activity will again be reports on the alleged work done. And the responsibility for the achieved practical results, as usual, will be zero.

Even psychiatrists do not understand what kind of software that will find such children we are talking about – evidence-based software that analyzes texts simply does not exist. And it is only possible to identify mental deviations when analyzing big data – so the result is likely to be random. Independent experts, in turn, stated that the project budget was overstated by 2-3 times.

– But then what is the panacea? I understand that prohibiting and controlling the Internet is not an option. Then how to detect such children in advance? How to prevent them from entering educational institutions?

– There is no panacea. If we make schools and universities fortresses, then what will stop killing on the way?

We must give a chance to children who are balancing on the brink of committing some kind of crime, we must give them an alternative. In return, they were not provided with anything. This is a huge problem, that there are no social lifts, that parents, instead of taking care of their children, earn money without a break, that aggression in society and in the media is off the charts. And no one needs children. They have no motivation to grow spiritually and physically, and if there is no motivation, they will still search for prohibited content. Censorship won’t help here.

– But every year we already step on the same rake?

– Yes, if a threat has arisen, then you need to react to it, and not wait until it repeats itself. Then, I remember, in Perm they planned to carry out work on training the personnel of educational institutions and the trainees themselves to act in emergency situations. But probably nothing was done. The exercises were not conducted, nor were the classes. There were scattered puzzles that no one ever put together into a single picture, and today they led to what they led to. Although in each case, I believe, the victims could have been avoided.

– Do you think that yesterday’s death of the head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Perm Territory, Sergei Sarapultsev, is somehow connected with the tragedy? Indeed, according to media reports, now many Perm investigators have been suspended from work in the criminal case.

– I do not want to comment on this situation. I monitored the results of that first investigation and I believe that the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Perm Territory at that time fully fulfilled its task. The rest did not depend on us.

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