Man vanishes in Victorian high country sparking major search mission

Rescue crews are combing the rugged and remote landscape of Victoria’s high country after a man vanished two days ago.

A huge search and rescue mission is underway for a man who vanished in Victoria’s high country two days ago.

Christos, 70, was last seen just before 3pm Friday on Big Muster Drive in Dinner Plain.

Police said he had gone for a walk to see emus which were reported to be in the area, but he never returned.

His mysterious disappearance has sparked a major search and rescue operation involving police, SES and local volunteers.

Dinner Plain residents have started posting in the local Facebook group urging community members to help with the search.

One member urged people to check their security cameras.

“We are sending our strength to the family and volunteers,” another said.

Christos was last seen wearing a long sleeve top, long sleeve jumper, pants and crocs.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to contact triple-0 or local police on (03) 5723 0888.

Victoria’s high country is no stranger to missing person mysteries given its rugged, remote and unforgiving landscape.

Originally published as Mountain mystery as man vanishes in Victorian high country sparking major search mission

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