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The Senate Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry’s debut on the Covid-19 confrontation demonstrates that even to defend himself against investigation, President Jair Bolsonaro, amateur and unprepared, knows only truculent stratagems and evasive maneuvers.

The testimony of ex-Minister of Health Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a doctor overthrown by Bolsonaro, after three months of trying to impress some rationality on the Planalto’s action, was a stroll.

The highlight of the session, in which there was no shortage of senators to strut rhetorically, was the letter Mandetta drew to commit the chief executive.

The correspondence sent on March 28, 2020 – one month after the first Brazilian case, 11 days after the first recorded death and 19 days before the minister’s resignation – lists information of increasing severity about the pandemic and the folder ‘s measures.

Only the last paragraph puts the thorn in the heart of presidential imputability: “We expressly recommend that the Presidency of the Republic review the position adopted, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, since the adoption of measures in the opposite direction may generate a collapse of the health system and very serious consequences for the health of the population ”.

The document offers material proof that Bolsonaro received clear guidance from the minister to stop negationist outbursts and lead the war effort against the epidemic. At that time, there were 2,000 deaths; a year of neglect and three ministers later, there are more than 410 thousand. There is no possible defense for the president’s deadly conduct.

It remains, it seems, maneuvers doomed to failure. His minions in the Senate made clumsy attempts at obstruction and accepted the role of reciting without conviction reasoned fraudulent written in palace – until an extemporaneous defense of “early treatment” they rehearsed.

An even worse figure was made by the general and former minister Eduardo Pazuello, when such a feat was no longer expected from the military that he passively obeyed the command of an admirer of herd immunity, bequeathing hundreds of thousands of corpses in times of peace.

The man who went to the shopping center without a mask one day the next alleges risk of contagion to avoid responding to the CPI for his own actions.

Such a clumsy maneuver, it must be said, when trying to change the instructions for a medication by decree, as Mandetta revealed to the senators, just to support the boss’s mania. With defenders of this suit, Bolsonaro does not need enemies to get complicated in the CPI.

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