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The radio is a hundred years old. This June 1st, the media widely celebrated this anniversary, and the key role of radio in the circulation of information and in the animation of the democratic debate was repeatedly underlined. But if the radio were to take human form, it would perhaps reflect on this phrase from the poet Pierre Reverdy: “ There is no love, there is only proof of love “… to undoubtedly see that the evidence is sorely lacking.

The constant is alas, from this point of view, the rule. Having worked as a technical advisor in charge of the sector in the office of the Minister of Culture Catherine Trautmann, I was able to observe the difficulty in having the subjects which concerned her discussed during the interministerial meetings (RIM in insider’s language) devoted to the preparation of the major audiovisual reform of August 2000; twenty years later, and even a little more, it is the radio which has emerged sacrificed from the “tightening” leading from the Riester project (2019) to the Bachelot bill (2021).

It seems more than likely today that the radio will exit the 2017/2022 five-year term as it entered it … and within a legal framework whose key points have not changed since the early 1990s.

This is particularly true of the so-called “anti-concentration” coverage thresholds: all the networks owned by a single publisher cannot cover a cumulative population greater than 150 million French people … forgetting that the French population has since increased, and even if it means blocking any consolidation operation in the sector today.

But this inertia extends to subjects which are not of the legislative domain and could therefore, in principle, be more easily reformed.

That of legal notices for example, and logorrhea, most often incomprehensible, that must be included in many advertising spots. Even if it means exasperating the listener and seriously handicapping the memorization of the message.

That of the quotas of French-speaking songs, too, which by dint of remaining impervious to the evolution of uses ends up bordering on the absurd. A definition of “young talents” which allows Brigitte Fontaine (81) to continue to benefit from this status, for lack of having garnered enough gold records. A definition that allowed the 2019 Sting / Maître Gims duo to benefit from the same status, since they did not have a common record background. A definition which once again allowed Angèle’s second album to remain considered a new creation … since it is presented as a complement to the first.

Finally, the modernization of the media and the switch to Digital Terrestrial Radio (DAB +). While it seemed promised to oblivion, the file has been carried by the CSA with remarkable energy by the CSA for more than five years. European regulations have set the framework for the gradual increase in household equipment with, in particular, the obligation for car manufacturers to now integrate a DAB + tuner into car radios; in addition to the procedures conducted for regional radio stations, the CSA conducted the calls for applications allowing the selection of 25 national digital radio networks. Already delayed by the health crisis, their launch was scheduled for the beginning of summer 2021; By a form of paradox, the Radio Festival was the occasion to announce its postponement to October.

« There is no love, there is only proof of love Wrote Reverdy; ” Unity is strength “, remember a less poetic formula. Not sure that the radio actors always have it in mind. ” Help yourself and heaven will help you », We are therefore tempted to conclude.

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