Maria Poroshina entered the film battle for the inheritance

In the new series, the heroine of the actress shares the estate with relatives

Maria Poroshina with flowers in her hands is standing on the runway of one of the Moscow Region airports and is clearly going to meet someone. It is quite a life situation, if the film crew were not scurrying around.

In the scenes on the runway, the heroine of Mary, as they say, at the parade. A bright open blouse, a skirt above the knee, high-heeled shoes, catchy makeup. However, in situations where you can take a break between takes, the actress puts on a warm robe and changes her shoes for slippers. Together with Maria on the site, other characters of the new series and director Alexander Zhigalkin.

The concerns of a mother with many children (in January 2019, the actress had a son, who, after four daughters, became her fifth child), does not prevent Maria from acting in films very actively for her position. Last year, the series “Subtle Matter” was released, where Poroshina plunged into the era of the sixties, and in the new project the actress plays a contemporary who was at the epicenter of a family scandal.

According to the plot of the series, the heroine of Maria and her husband, performed by Alexander Karpov, are forced to share the estate they inherited with their relatives. Olga Medynich, Maxim Litovchenko, Veronika Ustinova, Maxim Saprykin and other actors are also involved in the film.

At the moment, Poroshina’s filmography includes dozens of films and TV series in various genres. Probably, the fans of the actress especially highlight the projects that at one time brought their idol considerable popularity, these are the series “Brigade” and “Always say” always “, as well as the sensational films of Timur Bekmambetov” Night Watch “and” Day Watch “. However, the actress herself in an interview calls herself very lucky in the role in the sense that she managed not to get stuck in one image and genre, play characters from different eras and take part in projects, including detective stories, and historical dramas and comedies.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28555 dated June 9, 2021

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Maria Poroshina fights for the inheritance


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