Maternity hospital on Kirov in Smolensk becomes a hospital for COVID-patients again

The Smolensk OGBUZ “Clinical Maternity Hospital”, located on Kirov Street in Smolensk, will again become a hospital for patients with coronavirus. This was reported by the Department of Health in the Smolensk region.

The specialized patients of the institution will be accommodated in the perinatal center, which is located on Frunze Street. The maternity hospital will become a covid hospital from 15 June.

The department also stressed that they will restore the operation of the maternity hospital after the stabilization of the situation with coronavirus infection.

Recall that for the first time, the institution began to accept patients with coronavirus in October 2020. Three months ago, the work of the maternity hospital was restored. During the work off-profile in the institution, about 600 people from Smolyan were cured.


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