Mathias denounces his brother Paul’s “entourage of criminals and delinquents”

In his videos published Friday morning, Mathias Pogba looks back on the violence and threats suffered by his family because, according to him, of his brother Paul Pogba.

Among the revelations in his series of around thirty videos published on Twitter on Friday morning, Mathias Pogba talks about the entourage “criminals and delinquents” that his little brother Paul has been with for several years. Of the «bandits» who have been shot “a relative” of the Pogba family. Information confirmed by the police investigation report which mentions a gunshot wound to an individual during an assault last August.

“Many will be shocked and find it hard to believe, but it is the truth. This is why our family and loved ones are in danger today. My brother has always had criminals and delinquents around him and he still has them today,” explained Mathias in his revelations published on Twitter this Friday morning.

He explains in another video that he himself was robbed by these criminals who allegedly “bullied, assaulted and burned their car”. In the words of Mathias, blood “has sunk” in that case.

“If it was just friendship, it could be fine. The problem is that he used those relationships and their names to protect himself on the streets and to do business with them to do things for him and shed blood for him. », he continues.

“I was unaware of these acts until he betrayed his henchmen and fled without telling anyone, leaving our mother and me to our fate, leaving his family and loved ones become the targets of these bandits. Some of our relatives have already been attacked and shot because of him. If we did not go to see the authorities, it is only for fear of reprisals, having no means of protecting us all”, concluded Mathias.

As a reminder, a fifth man, arrested last Saturday as part of the investigation carried out in Paris on the extortion of funds denounced by the footballer Paul Pogba, was remanded in custody on Tuesday, according to a judicial source. The four other suspects were indicted in particular for extortion with a weapon, kidnapping in an organized gang and criminal association and placed in pre-trial detention.

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