Matthieu Orphelin: “An old-fashioned policy”

VIDEO – A time seduced by the Macronist project, he deplores “A ‘at the same time’ which drifts very clearly to the right”.

«The situation in Paca, but what a circus!», Commented Matthieu Orphelin, environmentalist deputy of Maine-et-Loire, on the set of« Talk Le Figaro », Tuesday, deploring “An old-fashioned policy, a political tampering, completely disconnected”, between LREM and the Republicans.

Two and a half years after his departure from En Marche !, does he believe that Emmanuel Macron is a right-wing president? “On the laws voted in recent months, for which I opposed, there is no ambiguity”, confirms the former walker. A time seduced by the Macronist project, he deplores “A ‘at the same time’ which drifts very clearly to the right”. He argues, in passing, that the number of members has been “Divided by forty” from the start. Himself the top candidate in Pays de la Loire, the battle promises to be more peaceful in the west. In the countryside for six months already, the ecologist has embarked on the adventure of regional to debate subjects such as “Transport, economy, agriculture”.

Great disappointment with Macronie

Greatly disappointed with the macronie, he will lead a rally list of left-wing parties, which is also and above all “A list of citizens’ gathering, with 2,700 signatories from the region, 90% of which are not included”, rejoices the candidate. With the exception of the PS, the list is supported by seven political parties, from EELV to LFI. “We will welcome the PS on our list, the evening of the first round”, assures Orphan. “It’s a very large gathering around citizen ecology”, insists the green.

Matthieu Orphelin, who will face François de Rugy (LREM) and Guillaume Garot (PS), imagines a fairly close match with the outgoing LR president, Christelle Morancais, “Still not a candidate, which poses a problem a month and a half before the election”. “During her tenure, she only disinvested to lower the region’s debt”, he denounces. The project he defends, he promises, will be based on very strong actions in terms of employment, economic rebound, solidarity and ecology. He hopes to be able to compare the projects and in particular that of Chantiers de l’Atlantique, which is close to his heart and for which “We are ready to invest twenty million euros in the capital”, he promises.

Now far from “at the same time”, Matthieu Orphelin ensures that he will not be a candidate for the environmentalist primary. “My role for 2022 is first of all to reach the Pays de la Loire region and to participate in building this French team of ecology and solidarity.” There is no doubt about it, “If environmentalists do not switch regions, 2022 will be very difficult”, he hammers.

While the climate bill was voted on Tuesday in the National Assembly and will be discussed in the Senate next month, Matthieu Orphelin denounces a text that is far from the mark. According to him, it is a law that is fifteen years late, that he might have voted “at the beginning of the 2000’s”. This law is not at all up to the challenges and does not even respect the commitments made at COP21, in the Paris agreement, further denounces the elected official.“The options are far too unambitious (…) it is an unprecedented economic error”, “The solution is the ecology of jobs in the regions”, he concludes.


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